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All individual Essays compiled by the editorial team of Dr.B. R. Ambedkar source material publication committee.

  1. Philosophy of Hinduism
  2. The Hindu Social Order- Its Essential Principles
  3. The Hindu Social Order- Its Unique Features
  4. Symbols of Hinduism
  5. Ancient India on Exhumation
  6. The Ancient Regime
  7. A Sunken Priesthood
  8. Reformers and Their Fate
  9. The Decline and fall of Buddhism
  10. The Literature of Brahminism
  11. The Triumph of Brahminism
  12. The Morals of the House
  13. Krishna and His Gita
  14. Analytical Notes of Virat Parva and Udyog Parva
  15. Brahmins versus Kshatriyas
  16. Shudras and the Counter-Revolution
  17. The Woman and the Counter-Revolution
  18. Buddha or Karl Marx
  19. Schemes of Books