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Riddles in Hinduism –An Exposition to enlighten the masses. (All individual Essays compiled by the editorial team of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar source material publication committee.)

  1. The Difficulty of Knowing why one is a Hindu
  2. The Orgin of the Vedas – The Brahminic Explanation or an exercise in the art of circumlocution
  3. The Testimony of other Shastras on the orgin of the Vedas
  4. Why suddenly the Brahmins declare the Vedas to be infallible and not to be questioned?
  5. Why did the Brahmins go further and declare that the Vedas are neither made by man nor by God?
  6. The Contents of the Vedas: Have they any moral or spiritual value?
  7. The turn of the tide Or How did the Brahmins declare the Vedas to be lower than the lowest of their Shastras?
  8. How the Upanishads declared war on the Vedas?
  9. How the Upanishads came to be made subordinate to the Vedas?
  10. Why did the Brahmins make the Hindu Gods fight against one another?
  11. Why did the Brahmins make the Hindu Gods suffer to rise and fall?
  12. Why the Brahmins did dethrone the Gods and enthrones the Goddesses?
  13. The Riddle of the Ahimsa
  14. From Ahimsa to Himsa
  15. How did the Brahmins Wed an Ahimsak God to a Bloodthirsty Goddess?
  16. The Riddle of the Vedas
  17. The Riddle of the Vedanta
  18. The Riddle of the Triomurti
  19. Smarth Dharma and Tantrik Dharma
  20. The Infallibility of the Vedas
  21. The Four Varnas- Are the Brahmins sure of their origin?
  22. The Four Ashramas- the Why and How about them.
  23. Manu’s madness or the Brahmanic explanation of the origin of the mixed castes.
  24. The Change from Paternity to Maternity. What did the Brahmins wish to gain by it?
  25. Kali Varjya or the Brahminic art of suspending the operation of Sin without calling it Sin.
  26. The Riddle of the Varnashram Dharma.
  27. Compulsory Matrimony
  28. The Theory of Manvantra
  29. Brahma is not Dharma. What good is Brahma?
  30. Kali yuga- Why have the Brahmins made it unending?
  31. The Riddle of the Kali Yuga.
  32. The Riddle of Rama and Krishna.