Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and his Egalitarian Revolution – Speeches. Events starting from 1st January   to 20th November 1956 in the chronological order are compiled in this volume.

  1. Great Fight
  2. The Value of a Man is Axiomatic, Self-Evident
  3. We are a Warrior Clan
  4. Send Right Type of men to Legislature
  5. people Cemented by feeling of One Country, One Constitution, and One Destiny, take the risk of Being independent
  6. Secure Constitutional Safeguards and Guarantees
  7. Agitate much more, Organise Better than at Present
  8. ……otherwise Advanced Hindu castes would remain in power and rule the minorities.
  9. Power an prestige will come to you through struggle
  10. Future Generations of Hindus will appreciate my service
  11. Keep before your eyes the struggle of Gautama Buddha and Ramanuja
  12. Untouchables must have political power
  13. I would not Budge an inch from my righteous cause
  14. Political reform must precede social reform
  15. Care more for material good than for spiritual food
  16. Act and utilize the power coming into your Hands
  17. Abandon the thought of Slavery
  18. Do not believe in fate, believe in your strength
  19. they alone rise who strive
  20. Do not depend upon god or superman
  21. I will wrest as much power for the country as possible
  22. Find men who will promote your interests
  23. Unfortunately I was born a Hindu untouchable but I will not die a Hindu.
  24. My ability and eminence were the fruit of my patient labour and intellect
  25. Go anywhere, we have to fight for our welfare
  26. Decided to renounce Hinduism
  27. I cannot sacrifice my conscience for success
  28. Conversion is necessary for your Emancipation and Advancement
  29. What way emancipation?
  30. …….there will be no distinction between the Mahars and the Mangs.
  31. You must give up your disgraceful profession.
  32. Do not become a victim to any conspiracy.
  33. We cannot allow our grievances to continue
  34. There are no depressed class ministers
  35. Do not worship God in Hindu religion.
  36. Communist exploited the labourers.
  37. Be on the guard against exploiters
  38. Self-respect and self-help movement has nothing to lose but everything to gain
  39. Christians lagged behind politically
  40. Work for uplift of untouchables
  41. Democracy must give Respectful hearing to all who are worth listening to
  42. Peasants and worker should think over the causes of their poverty.
  43. Guard the interests of the depressed classes.
  44. Trade union must enter politics to protect their interests
  45. Educated man without character and Humanity is more dangerous than a beast
  46. Untouchables have to strive themselves
  47. Lead decent life
  48. Government did not care depressed classes
  49. Need for united political organization to fight common opponent foreign imperialism
  50. Send grievances to me
  51. Be men of sterling character
  52. What is the goal of India’s political evolution?
  53. Gandhi prepared to accept federation in whatever form
  54. Save your children from harrowing life
  55. I worked for benefit of whole community not for a particular section
  56. Taxes must be utilized for farmers
  57. Mahar Watan is heartless exploitation
  58. Government has done nothing for depressed classes
  59. Hindus responsible for sin of untouchability
  60. Regain past position in Army
  61. Safeguards under Government of India Act and Poona Act are inadequate
  62. Hindu society must organize on modern lines breaking down its Age-long framework
  63. Gandhi’s efforts are inadequate
  64. Without strenuous efforts our social position might get even worse
  65. You have not realised what tremendous power you have
  66. Watandari, a curse to Mahars
  67. Remarkable change under gone….
  68. Educated persons should join Military
  69. I shall lay down my life in Defence of our land
  70. Your salvation must lie in your own hands
  71. The doors of my house would always remain open to friends
  72. Struggle of lowest Strata of society is bound to help all sections of working class
  73. If the Bottom-most Stone is shifted those above are to be shaken
  74. If Democracy dies it will be our Doom
  75. Educate, Agitate, Organize, Have faith and lose no hope
  76. Progress for the community is measured by progress of women
  77. I make distinction between Ahimsa and Meekness
  78. I will stand by you
  79. I yield to none in my desire for the freedom of this country
  80. I want the reins of Government in your hands
  81. Present disorders Harming only Indians
  82. Non-Brahmin party should rebuild itself
  83. Join Army, Navy and Air Forces
  84. Gandhi and Jinnah should retire
  85. Poverty will not be tolerated in post-war period
  86. Swaraj could be in hands of Labour
  87. Qualify for enjoying the rights
  88. Scheduled caste must Discard Hinduism
  89. “Now or Never” is the question before scheduled castes
  90. Depressed classes are not a part of Hindu community
  91. I am no opponent of Nationalism But…….
  92. Unity is of Supreme Importance
  93. I was far ahead of…… Patriots of India
  94. Indian History is nothing but struggle between Buddhism and Brahmanism
  95. Gandhi was contented with provincial Autonomy
  96. We are the makers of the Destiny of this country
  97. Students should see that Degree carries positive knowledge
  98. Lay the foundation for a Regime of prosperity for the poverty-stricken millions of the country
  99. News paper in a modern Democratic system is Fundamental basis of good Government
  100. Scheduled castes must organize
  101. There should be statutory  Commission for Aboriginal Tribes
  102. No Dispute over India’s goal of freedom
  103. Make deliberate attempt to make man politically conscious
  104. Action by Government in August 1942 was justifiable
  105. Gandhiji declined
  106. Scheduled Castes demands be referred to an impartial International Tribunal
  107. Depressed Classes neglected
  108. The Scheduled Castes had been left where they were
  109. I have Loyalty to our people also to this country
  110. The minority must always be won over, it must never be dictated to
  111. Art of public speaking could be developed
  112. Because of Divine law of Manu or Yajnavalkya, Hindu society was never able to repair itself
  113. Organise under one leader, one party, one programme
  114. Progress of a community always depends upon Education
  115. The Hindu code was a right step towards a civil code
  116. We should ensure that India is not enslaved again
  117. Maharashtrians are more sincere, more duty conscious to the nation
  118. Religion no longer be inherited but be examined Rationally by everybody
  119. Non-Believers should be converted to the Eight-Fold Path
  120. Buddhism paved way for Democracy and Socialistic pattern of society
  121. I shall devote rest of my life to the revival and spread of Buddhism
  122. The Bill was aimed at the Social advancement of Women
  123. The Scheduled Castes should give up political Aloofness
  124. I am like a rock which does not melt but turns the course of rivers
  125. Failure of parliamentary Democracy will result in Rebellion, Anarchy and Communism
  126. If our true representatives are not elected, independence will be a farce
  127. Poor people must unite separately to achieve their purpose
  128. …….Let us save our Kith and Kin
  129. Why I did not resign earlier?
  130. Federation will not give up its Separate political Entity
  131. The Hindu Code bill would improve condition of women
  132. It is bad for people to remain idle and indifferent
  133. Purity of Administration is necessary for Welfare of the people
  134. Alliance to Appose
  135. I always have the interest of the country at heart
  136. All my attention is concentrated on Building of Hall for federation
  137. Recognise University Education to meet the Requirements of the Modern World
  138. Conditions precedent for the successful working of Democracy
  139. Knowledge is the Foundation of Man’s life
  140. Women leaders are not interested in the Social Progress of Women
  141. ……. I shall take Stern measures
  142. Osmania University Honoured Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  143. If Buddhist Gospel is not adopted History of conflict in Europe, will repeat in Asia
  144. …….the so called Upper classes will be wiped out of Existence
  145. Unless Casteless and Classless Society is created, there will be no Progress in India
  146. Don’t get misled by Criticism
  147. Politics is not the Be-All and End-All of the Nation’s Life
  148. We will carry on All India Land Satyagraha even against Central Government
  149. It is the criminal to collect Money in the name of Religion and waste it
  150. My Philosophy of life
  151. I am a devotee of Gautam Buddha, Kabir, Mahatma Phule and Worshipper of Learning, Self-Respect and Character
  152. Buddhist movement in India : A Blue Print
  153. Pandurang was none other than Buddha
  154. There is difference between the Ahimsa Preached by Buddhism and Jainism
  155. Why I like Buddhism
  156. The Tide of Buddhism would never Recede in India
  157. Prospect of Democracy in India
  158. The Buddha Dhamma will be the saviour of the world
  159. Buddha or Karl Marx
  160. Appendix I : Gandhiji’s article on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s proclamation of conversion
  161. Appendix II : Constitution of the Samata Sainik Dal
  162. Appendix II :  An Out spoken Utterance