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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his Egalitarian Revolution – Struggle for Human Rights. Events starting from March 1927 to 17th November 1956 in the chronological order are compiled in this volume.

  1. Mahad Satyagraha not for Water but to Establish Human Rights
  2. I have no Homeland
  3. Why I should be Proud of that Religion
  4. What more Gandhi expected from the Sanatanists?
  5. To take Legal steps against High Caste Hindus who harassed Untouchables
  6. Role of Dr. Ambedkar in bringing the untouchables on the political horizon of India and laying a foundation of Indian democracy
  1. Kalaram temple entry satyagraha, nasik and temple entry movement
  2. I am a Man of Character
  3. Instead of a Statue, a Public Library will be the Best Memorial of Sir Metha
  4. Public Bodies should help Canvasser
  5. Bhaurao Patil’s Institution deserves Support
  6. Complaint against me is Absolutely Unfounded
  7. Forwarding letter
  8. Pay more attention to Economic, Educational and Social Improvement rather than Temple Entry
  9. Nothing can Emancipate the Outcastes expect the Destruction of Caste System
  10. Rights not affected in the event of conversion
  11. Conversion movement sans selfish motives
  12. The independent Labour Party : A Source for Betterment of the Depressed classes
  13. Civil liberties of Indians
  14. in any other country such a minister would have beeen dismissed
  15. Socialists now inactive
  16. Let such institutions grow in to big libraries
  17. A bill to control and regulate money – lending
  18. I shall stand for principle and will fight alone for it
  19. Ministry seems to be intoxicated with power
  20. Injustice to Tiller of soil
  21. Dr. Ambedkar challenges Gwyer award
  22. I am anxious more than Mr. Jinnah
  23. When Buddha stopped animal Sacrifices, cows were sanctified by them
  24. Mahar have been martial People
  25. Representation relating to the grievances of the watandar Mahars, Mangs etc.
  26. I shall be more deadly against the Britishers than Hindus if……..
  27. Exclusion of depressed classes for, viceroy’s council as an outrage and Breach of faith
  28. Conference of all leaders of the Depressed classes all over India
  29. Dr. Ambedkar and the Jewish people
  30. I am not least interested in formation of Ministry
  31. Hinduism is political Ideology as the same character as………..
  32. We are a Separate element in the National life
  33. Scheduled Castes settlement be made at par with Bantus
  34. Hindus always regard Scheduled Castes as ‘Out side the pale’ of Hindu society
  35. Scheduled Castes’ case to be presented before U.N.O
  36. I fail to understand Attlee’s Statement
  37. Secure Adequate Safeguards for the Untouchables
  38. Indian Census
  39. Scheduled Castes in Pakistan should come over to India
  40. Scheduled Caste Refugees neglected
  41. Government should be impartial
  42. Be your own light!
  43. Hinduism is the Latest Development of social thought in India
  44. Scheduled Caste’s Emancipation- Draft Manifesto
  45. Resignation not due to illness
  46. Alliances with other Parties whose objectives not opposed to those of federation
  47. No man should be the judge in his own case
  48. Election petition
  49. Communists in Maharashtra
  50. Starving people ask for Bread
  51. Buddhist seminary to be started in Bangalore
  52. Buddhism disappeared from India due to wavering attitude of the Laity
  53. I’m prepared to save your life provided …….
  54. The political party does not exist for winning election, but for educating, agitating and organizing
  55. A letter to Jawaharlal Nehru regarding the Book ‘Buddha and His Dhamma’
  56. Bikhus should serve the Buddha by becoming preachers of his Dhamma
  57. I believe, my people will sacrifice everything to establish Buddhism in India
  58. Appendix-I : Brute force will not Sustain Untouchablity
  59. Appendix-II : Man’s Inhumanity to Man
  60. Appendix-III : Orthodox run mad
  61. Appendix-IV : Gandhi- Vallabhai Meeting  on Eve of Poona-pact
  62. Appendix- V : Comments on Round table Conference and Poona-Pact
  63. Appendix-VI : Dr. Ambedkar is now Putting Mr. Gandhi to an Acid Test
  64. Appendix-VII : Dr. Ambedkar wanted an extension in America
  65. Appendix-VIII : For the present Dr. Ambedkar must work as a probationer in accounts Department
  66. Appendix-IX : Take early action to repay your debt
  67. Appendix-X : Reaction on the Statement dated 19-6-1936 issued by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on Conversion