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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and his Egalitarian Revolution – Socio-political and religious activities. Events starting from November 1929 to 8th May 1956 in the chronological order are compiled in this volume. Articles, messages, prefaces etc.

  1. Religion and Priests be brought under proper control.
  2. Thoughts on the reforms of legal education in the Bombay Presidency.
  3. Dr. Ambedkar’s reply to Sir S. Radhakrishnan
  4. And the Lord said unto-
  5. Untouchable Workers of Bombay city
  6. Is Gandhi a Mahatma?
  7. Appeal for Purse to Marathi Scholar
  8. Knowledge is power in every field of life
  9. Congress attempts to bypass untouchables
  10. I do not share defeatist Mentality
  11. Our students should learn and lead
  12. Message to Maratha Mandir
  13. Not to stop until the Untouchables recover Manhood
  14. Preface to ‘The essence of Buddhism’ – third edition
  15. India’s Ancient past gave place to pessimism
  16. The meaning of the word ‘Receipt’
  17. Buddha and Future of his religion
  18. The rise and fall of the Hindu woman. Who was responsible for it?
  19. Saints’ literature can help to moral rearmament of man
  20. Out line – a people at Bay
  21. The Mahars. Who were they and how they became untouchables?
  22. Republican Party stands for Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice.
  23. ‘Buddha and His Dhamma’ one of the three
  24. Training school for entrance to politics
  25. Dr. Ambedkar on cabinet mission and transfer of power- Editorial Note.
  26. Proposal for representation of Scheduled Caste in the Executive Council.
  27. Memorandum submitted to the Cabinet mission
  28. Dr. Ambedkar’s interview with Cabinet mission
  29. A Note on the meeting between Dr. Ambedkar and Field Marshal Viscount Wavel.
  30. Separate Settlement for Untouchables
  31. Protest letter against the proposal of Cabinet mission
  32. Letter to A. V. Alexander about the proposal of Cabinet Mission.
  33. Letter to Lord Pethick – Lawrence regarding Statement issued by cabinet mission
  34. Clarification by Lord Pethick – Lawrence to Dr. Ambedkar.
  35. Ambedkar finds Champion in Churchill
  36. Hindu Scheduled Castes Clashes in Bombay
  37. Federation Executive resolves on Direct action.
  38. Reaction to the British Cabinet Plan – Dr. Ambedkar’s Protest to Churchill
  39. I am fighting for the Rights of Scheduled Castes
  40. Does the Indian National Congress represent the Untouchables of India?
  41. I am a great Nationalist than Anybody else
  42. Letter by Mr. Attlee to Dr. Ambedkar
  43. Protest letter of  Dr. Ambedkar to Mr. Attlee
  44. We may be conquered but we shall not Capitulate
  45. Letters by Lord Pethick- Lawrence to Mr. Attlee, Prime Minister.
  46. The Cabinet Mission and the Untouchables
  47. Dr. Ambedkar’s Meomrandum
  48. Demand for ‘Political Independence’
  49. Churchil –Ambedkar Talks
  50. Restore the Separate Electorates
  51. Dr. Ambedkar feels British will do Justice
  52. Ascertain wishes of Minorities
  53. “Dawn” on Ambedkar’s Political mission to England
  54. Provincial Autonomy without responsibility would be unwise.
  55. Joint Vs. Separate Electorates: Dr. Ambedkar’s Via media
  56. Assurance will not be loss to Governor; nor it will be gain to congress
  57. It is purely a party move, No national purpose
  58. We shall wage relentless war to introduce Adult franchise
  59. Mobilise against Federation – turning point in history of nation.
  60. Distributive system of voting
  61. Great Britain must be supported
  62. Wisdom and statesmanship will dawn to prevent India from being divided into two parts.
  63. Very nebulous plan
  64. We can be a nation only through social amalgamation
  65. Subhas Chandra Bose meets Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  66. Meaning of the Congress Decision
  67. Dr. Ambedkar’s plan to solve Indian crisis Muslim demand criticized.
  68. Indians Destiny is bound up with the victory of democracy.
  69. How to end  Indian Political Impasse
  70. Jinnah’s fears will have to be allayed.
  71. First proposal on central irrigation and waterways advisory board.
  72. Both are making serious mistake.
  73. Sapru in the wrong.
  74. Control and utilise the Mahanadi to the best advantage.
  75. We must work in India for creating co-operative spirit among all parties.
  76. Unless these points were cleared no lead on partition issue.
  77. Government of India will not recognize any princely state as sovereign independent.
  78. Berar will revert to Nizam on August 15.
  79. If Boundary drawn is not natural it will put the safety and security of the people of India in great jeopardy.
  80. Indian citizens have equal rights before the law.
  81. One official language for centre and provinces.
  82. India and the British Commonwealth.
  83. Constitution and Constitutionalism.
  84. People in India would know their Fundamental rights.
  85. What I say is that be Firm and sincere.
  86. No use about Independent Foreign policy without striking power.
  87. U.S.A inclined towards Pakistan.
  88. Retain English at any cost.
  89. ……one man’s Traffic in public affairs.
  90. Flood-control : Use of Atomic power
  91. Strongly object creation of monolithic monstrous states.
  92. Ambedkar’s Recipe for Maharahtra.


  1. Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha.
  2. Depressed Classes Institute.
  3. Independent Labour party.
  4. Independent Labour party: Wide support.
  5. I have chosen Bombay as a place for the college for three reasons.
  6. The People’s Education Society Mumbai.
  7. Appeal on behalf of the People’s Education Society.
  8. A Social centre for the Untouchables in Bombay.
  9. Constitution of All India Scheduled Castes Federation.
  10. The Buddhist society of India.
  11. Appendix  I : Constitution of the all India Scheduled Castes Student’s federation
  12. Appendix II: The position of women in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  13. Appendix  III : The Cabinet Mission
  14. Appendix IV: Interviews of Jagjiwan Ram, Radhanath Das and Prithvi Singh Before Cabinet Mission.
  15. Appendix  V : Poona Satyagraha
  16. Appendix VI: Gandhi Dis-franchised Untouchables by forcing Poona Pact.
  17. Appendix VII: Under-privileged in India sold to oppressors.
  18. Appendix VIII: The Bihar provincial Depressed Classes League.
  19. Appendix IX: What about the States?
  20. Appendix X: Ambedkar Urges States to join Indian Union.
  21. Appendix  XI : Activities of the Bahishkrit Hitkarini Shaba at Bombay
  22. Appendix XII: People’s Education Society’s Institutions.
  23. Appendix XIII: A letter to H. H. Sayajirao Gaikwad.