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BBC interviewed Dr. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR in 1953

BBC- Dr. Ambedkar, do you think that democracy will work in India? Is the options necessary?
Babasaheb: No, the options are important if they produce good things.

Elections are important because they give government a chance to change
Babasaheb: Yes, voting means changing government. People have no consciousness and our election system never gives the person the chance to choose the candidate. For example, the Congress said that the symbol of the symbol is bull. Which candidate is for the bull? It does not matter who is the candidate of the election symbol bullock. He will only vote for symbolism. He does not know whether a bull is representing donkey or reading person.

BBC- You mean it’s based on inequality?
Babasaheb: Yes, it is based on inequality. There is a problem of social structure. I am ready to say that it will take time to make the social system in a peaceful way. But one must try to change this social structure.

BBC- But the Prime Minister has made many statements against casteism?
Babasaheb: These are never endless speeches. Tired of talks with exclamations Steps must be taken. Such as some programs, some schemes with which to do some work.

BBC- Suppose it does not work?
Babasaheb: There may be things as a substitute for change, such as communism.

BBC- Why do you think that democracy will not work a lot for the country? Will this not improve the quality of life of the people?
Babasaheb: Who makes a difference with elections? People must have enough food and other necessities to meet their needs. Check America, there is democracy, and I do not think Communism will occur in America. I just came from this country, I was invited to give a degree. Every American is listened to.

BBC- Could it start here too?
Babasaheb: How? We do not have land, our rain rate is very low, forests are very low. What can we do? I do not think the current government can solve these problems.

BBC – Does this mean that the structure will collapse?
Babasaheb: Yes, absolutely, soon. If any of the buildings fall, then there is more damage at the lower level.

BBC- Will Communists Have No Effect?
Babasaheb: No, they believe in me and I have not said anything yet. They will ask me, I’ll be able to debate someday.