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What are Their Rights and How to Secure them in the Constitution of Free India

Memorandum on the Safeguards for the Scheduled Castes submitted to the Constituent Assembly an behalf of the All India Scheduled Castes Federation Published: 1947

Constitution of the United States of India
Proposed Preamble
Proposed Article I: Detailed Analysis
Article I—Section I : Admission of Indian States into the Union
Article I—Section II
Proposed Article II: Detailed Analysis
Article II—Section I: Fundamental Rights of Citizens
Article II-Section II: Remedies against Invasion of Fundamental Rights
Article II– Section III: Provisions for the Protection of Minorities
Article II – Section IV: Safeguards for the Scheduled Castes
PART II—Special Responsibilities
PART III—Sanction for Safeguards and Amendment of Safeguards
PART IV— Protection of Scheduled Castes in the Indian States
PART V—Interpretation