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  1. Does Hinduism recognize Equality?
  2. How does Hinduism stand in this matter?
  3. Does Hinduism recognize Fraternity?
  4. What is the value of such a religion to man ?
  5. On what level does Hindu morality stand?
  6. Of what use is this philosophy of the Upanishadas?

(The script published in the Writings and Speeches, vol. 3 published by Government of Maharashtra did not have any chapter names. It was divided in I to VI parts. For the sake of readership convenience we are providing additional hyperlinks to some paras by way of projecting some questions in the text. )
Editorial Note:
This script on Philosophy of Hinduism was found as a well-bound copy which we feel is complete by itself. The whole script seems to be a Chapter of one big scheme. This foolscap original typed copy consists of 169 pages.— Editors