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Dr. Ambedkar as Free India’s First Law minister and Member of Opposition in Indian Parliament, (1947 to 1956)   Section I to VIII

20th November 1947 to 31st March 1949

  1. Foreign exchange regulation (Amendment Bill)
  2. Appointment of Statutory law revision committee
  3. Indian Nursing Council Bill
  4. Extra provincial Jurisdiction Bill
  5. Federal Court (Enlargement of Jurisdiction) Bill
  6. Provincial Insolvency (Amendment) Bill
  7. Resolution Re: Extension of Period Mentioned in sections 2 and 3 of India Act 1946 as adapted.

3rd February 1950 to 20th April 1950

  1. Insolvency Law (Amendment) Bill
  2. Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill
  3. Escape of Mir Laik Ali from custody
  4. Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification Bill)
  5. Motion of Adjournment
  6. Societies Registration (Amendment Bill)
  7. Army Bill
  8. Part C States (Laws) Bill
  9. Representation of the People Bill.
  10. 1st August 1950 to 22nd December 1950
  11. Dentists (Amendment) Bill.
  12. Resolution Re: Making of Laws by parliament in state list.
  13. Administration of evacuee property (Amendment) Bill.
  14. Qualifications for Elections to Parliament and Legislature of states.
  15. Coach-Behar (Assimilation of Laws) Bill.
  16. Indian Traffic (Fourth Amendment) Bill.
  17. Societies registration (Amendment) Bill.
  18. Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill.
  19. Demand No. 13 – Ministry of Law.

9th February 1951 to 21st April 1951

  1. Dentist (Amendment) Bill.
  2. Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Bill.
  3. Part B States (Laws) Bill.
  4. Supreme Court Advocates (Practice in High Court) Bill.
  5. Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Bill.
  6. Code of Civil Procedure (Second Amendment) Bill.
  7. Jallianwala Bagh National Memorial Bill.
  8. Constitution (First Amendment) Bill.
  9. 18th April 1951 to 19th May 1951
  10. Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill.
  11. 7th August 1951 to 12th October 1951
  12. Parliament – Prevention of Disqualification Bill.
  13. Assam (Alteration of Boundaries) Bill.
  14. Notaries Bill.
  15. Resolution regarding necessity for an All India Bar.
  16. Conduct of a Member of Parliament.
  17. Select Committee Meetings.
  18. Motions regarding delimitations of Constituencies of Order.
  19. Business of the House.
  20. Dr. Ambedkar’s letter of Resignation.

19th May 1952 to 6th December 1956

  1. Thanks on address by the president
  2. Budget (General) 1952 -1953 General Discussion.
  3. Andhra State Bill, 1953.
  4. Estate Duty Bill, 1953.
  5. International Situation
  6. Government order on Bank Disputes
  7. Report of Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes for 1953.
  8. Constitution (Third Amendment) Bill 1954.
  9. Untouchability Offence Bill, 1954.
  10. Constitution (Forth Amendment) Bill 1954
  11. States Reorganisation Bill. 1956
  12. Obituaries Reference – Demise of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

18th November 1947 to 28th September 1951

  1. Answers by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Law Minister, to the questions asked by the members of the parliament.
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